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It has been an Adventure, Together

We didn’t invent baby wearing, or even the idea of a child carrier backpack, but our passion for child wearing has lead us to develop a new and unique product that we know you’ll love. We loved baby wearing for the exact reasons you’ll find in our tag line. Adventure Together. We are a family company and we developed our product with family in mind. Since before our son was born we have always loved to travel. Traveling with a baby or a toddler can be trying at times. When our son was very young and we would take our annual family vacation to Disney World we would always notice that a lot of kids around us were less than pleased to be spending their day in a stroller. Especially in an overwhelming environment it seems like kids are quick to be miserable in a stroller. Meanwhile, our son was riding high in our child carrier backpack, on eye-level with everyone around, enjoying the breeze in the shade of his sun-cover.

Imagine if you spent your day with the knees of 100,000 strangers flying by your face. In all of our travels we chose to use our backpack carrier instead of a stroller for a number of reasons:

  1. We love an active lifestyle and active parenting.
  2. Our child was consistently happier on outings when he is at our eye level and able to see things around us.
  3. The baby carrier is a far more convenient travel companion than a stroller because it is so light and takes up minimal space but still has tons of available storage.

What makes the Gorilla Carriers Child Carrier Backpack Unique?

We’ve developed our products to be durable, functional, comfortable, and stylish, but we also knew that they had to be affordable. With our small in house team and modest fulfillment facilities, we are proud to keep our costs low and pass the savings on to our customers while providing the highest possible quality and exceeding all ASTM industry standards. If you’re interested in joining the Gorilla carriers family of retailers and ambassadors, please contact us today!